Vintage German Silver Tablespoon: Handcrafted by folk artisan (8.4") - Style It by Hanika

Vintage German Silver Tablespoon: Handcrafted by folk artisan (8.4")

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  • The vintage tablespoon is made of rich quality German silver and handcrafted by local folk artisans of Rajasthan.
  • The tablespoon has a minimalist design & handle, which gives it a vintage look & feel.
  • This vintage tablespoon could be a valuable addition to your collection of home cutlery, given its vintage look, it can add a royal texture to your kitchen.
When you're hosting a dinner for your friends/family, needless to say, you've made sure to have the best of the dishes & desserts on your table. But would it look appealing, when accompanied by a regular steel spoon?

That is when this German silver tablespoon comes into the picture. Place it along with your mouth-watery food to see how lavish your table can look when complemented with this tablespoon.

  • For desserts
  • For curry
  • As an ice-cream spoon
  • Goes well with a bowl of soup
  • Spoons on the dining table

WEIGHT : 80 grams
SIZE IN INCHES : 8.4 Length X 1.8 Breadth


Wash with Regular Dish Soap.

DISCLAIMER : All the products on our website which fall under Vintage Decor or Vintage Utensil Category are 'One of a Kind' products. They are actually old and not recently manufactured. We collect these products from rural areas of Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Kerala, Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh. These products are old so a little wear and tear and imperfection is a part of Vintage Collection. No Return, Refund or Exchange request will be accepted based on these reasons. We do not repair or polish any product before putting it up on our website because it will change its original look and feel.

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