Vintage Copper Plate: Authentically Handcrafted by Folk Artisans (Size-11") - Style It by Hanika

Vintage Copper Plate: Authentically Handcrafted by Folk Artisans (Size-11")

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  • This vintage copper plate is handmade by folk artisans of Rajasthan.
  • The copper plate has slight depression with a floral design engraved on the border and minimalist design.
  • Copper, Brass and bronze utensils are known to have ayurvedic importance. Ayurveda suggests that these metals are a great cure for several diseases like anaemia, diarrhoea, inflammation, etc. Hence even today it is a common practice to use Brass and copper utensils in India
  • The design of this vintage plate makes it perfect for hanging on the wall and can serve the purpose of a wall decor item as well


  • For Daily use & serving food
  • Table & Dining Decor
  • As a wall decor item
  • Can help to enhance food photography
  • Works as a gift item


Vintage / Copper


SIZE :  11 x 11 x 1 (in inches)

          28 x 28 x 2.5 (in cm)

WEIGHT :  460 grams

 CARE INSTRUCTIONS : Washable with dish soap and water.

DISCLAIMER : All the products on our website which fall under Vintage Decor or Vintage Utensil Category are 'One of a Kind' products. They are actually old and not recently manufactured. We collect these products from rural areas of Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Kerala, Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh. These products are old so a little wear and tear and imperfection is a part of Vintage Collection. No Return, Refund or Exchange request will be accepted based on these reasons. We do not repair or polish any product before putting it up on our website because it will change its original look and feel.


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