Art Bowl with vintage Brass finish (Diameter - 2.5 Inches) - Style It by Hanika

Art Bowl with vintage Brass finish (Diameter - 2.5 Inches)

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  • This metal art bowl comes with a Vintage Brass finish.
  • Inner side of the bowl has been designed in a way to give the bowl a textured and rich look.
  • This art bowl would be an elegant addition to your crockery collection.
Tip: We at Styleit, recommend using this art bowl as a pair of 4 such bowls, which could be used for serving snacks or Mukhwaas(Mouth fresheners), as we're sure your table would appear exquisite when populated with our art bowls.


  • Table/Home Decor
  • Serving dry snacks
  • Serving munching(Chakna) with drinks
  • Serving Mukhwaas (Mouth Freshners)
  • Can be used as a styling prop
  • Goes well with your props for food photography
  • Food styling


a) We recommend cleaning your brass/ copperware with hands and avoid the dishwasher as the detergent causes oxidation, leading to permanent damage. 

b) Occasionally to can use a solution of equal proportions of vinegar/lemon juice and salt diluted with some tap water. However, doing this regularly is not advisable. 

c) Using cleaners like steel wire/steel wool/ wire wool is not recommended. 

d) For regular cleansing, you may use a simple, soft cleaning liquid on a soap base along with lukewarm water and soft washing cloth.

e) You can also use Copper Shining Powder/Pitambari for cleaning the copper utensils, which is safe and gentle on hands.


Diameter :  2.5 Inches
Depth : 1 Inch.

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